What We Do

BEVERLY HILLS HERITAGE exists to identify, recognize, preserve and promote the architectural, cultural and historic assets of the City of Beverly Hills through advocacy, education, and conservation for the purpose of maintaining a living legacy for residents and visitors alike. Due to the loss of many historical and/or architecturally significant landmarks, a number of dedicated historians, preservationists, and residents have volunteered to encourage the preservation of the physical character and cultural heritage of the City of Beverly Hills.


The organization seeks to meet its goal of keeping Beverly Hills’ legacy alive for future generations through measures that include the following:

  • Identify and archive architectural and historical buildings and locations in Beverly Hills for preservation

  • Provide tours of the places it has identified and archived

  • Produce and share educational programming content for radio, television and new media

  • Develop and present adult education workshops and lectures

  • Formulate and introduce into the Beverly Hills schools a local history curriculum

  • Promote the other historically-oriented organizations in the community

  • Create local exhibits

  • Encourage the preservation and repurposing of landmark buildings by incorporating them into new projects

Cooperation with Beverly Hills City Government

BEVERLY HILLS HERITAGE cooperates with the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission, by bringing to public attention commercial and residential properties that generally should be preserved and those that may be marked for redevelopment before the preservation process may be completed. The newly formed Cultural Heritage Commission is the government body charged with identifying and recommending to the City Council local architectural treasures that should be marked for preservation.

How to Participate

  • Become a BEVERLY HILLS HERITAGE member

  • Attend our tours, educational programs and special events

  • Ask about our long term gifting programs

  • Share items and photos that show the Beverly Hills of years past

  • Become a corporate sponsor

  • Tell your friends about BEVERLY HILLS HERITAGE!

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